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  • Nicolas Labrot

    Optimizing Application Resilience: A Deep Dive into Kubernetes Pod Disruption Budgets and Rollout Strategies

    Kubernetes is a powerful tool for managing containerized applications, but maintaining stability during updates and disruptions is crucial. This article explores two key components that help achieve this: Pod Disruption...

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  • Mikhail Alekseev

    AWS EKS Security. IAM. Part 1

    Today, we are pleased to announce that we have set up a series of AWS EKS security-related blog posts. In these posts, we will cover the main principles of securing...

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  • Florian Nicolas

    Datadog Anomaly Detection for AWS Resources

    When we think about monitoring, we cannot think about another thing than threshold-based monitors. Let’s imagine that you are monitoring hosts than encounter lots of variations in the concerned metrics....

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  • Charles Guebels

    Protect a CloudFront distribution with Cognito or BasicAuth

    Amazon CloudFront is a very useful service for exposing multiple origin types like ALB, custom domains or S3 buckets. However, CloudFront does not provide a direct way to restrict access...

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  • Charles Guebels

    Kubernetes nodes auto-scaling with Karpenter

    When an EKS cluster is set up, it is common to use EC2 node groups to provision the compute capacity of the Kubernetes cluster. The challenge is to dynamically adapt...

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  • Charles Guebels

    IaC and diagram generation with Former2

    Former2 is a web-based tool capable of generating Infrastructure as Code (IaC) templates and cloud architecture diagrams for the AWS cloud. In this article we will mainly present these two...

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