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Our latest publications related to devops

  • Mikhail Alekseev

    GitOps with Argo CD

    Everything is changing. So the new practices come from day to day. Today I’d like to overview the GitOps framework, its benefits and difficulties, tools, and some examples.

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  • Strahil Hristov

    Leveraging lambda@edge for dynamic website routing based on cookies

    In this post, we’ll explore Lambda@Edge, an innovative service that places “intelligent friends” at strategic points across the globe, delivering dynamic content with speed and precision.

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  • Dimitri Appriou

    Effective secrets management in AWS

    Today, secrets are used everywhere. Being the key to infrastructures and the data they are holding, a compromised secret can lead to security breaches of catastrophic proportions. Consequently, securing secrets...

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  • Yohan Beschi

    AWS Copilot, a friend that we all need

    Sometimes we want to quickly deploy a container without the hassle of Infrastructure as Code. It can be because, we have limited AWS or infrastructure knowledge and we want to...

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  • Yohan Beschi

    Terraform 101

    Since June 2021, Terraform is finally generally available after 6 years of beta versions.

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  • Charles Guebels

    Handling Secrets and Parameters on AWS EKS

    Security best practices require to protect confidential data (e.g. passwords, tokens, API Keys). When using AWS these information are usually stored in AWS Secrets Manager or AWS Systems Manager Parameter...

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