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Our latest publications related to aws

  • Charles Guebels

    Compliance reporting with Steampipe

    Having an overview about the compliance, security, costs, etc. of our AWS resources is very important. Some commercial tools already exist to do that (like Cloud Conformity or Prisma) but...

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  • Charles Guebels

    AWS European Sovereign Cloud

    Recently AWS announced that it was working on a European Sovereign Cloud, this is a good opportunity to discover a little more about what is hidden behind this term and...

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  • Strahil Hristov

    Leveraging lambda@edge for dynamic website routing based on cookies

    In this post, we’ll explore Lambda@Edge, an innovative service that places “intelligent friends” at strategic points across the globe, delivering dynamic content with speed and precision.

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  • Dimitri Appriou

    Effective secrets management in AWS

    Today, secrets are used everywhere. Being the key to infrastructures and the data they are holding, a compromised secret can lead to security breaches of catastrophic proportions. Consequently, securing secrets...

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  • Mathieu Leyder

    ARHS Spikeseed achieves AWS Migration Services Competency Partner Status

    Enterprises migrating to AWS require expertise, tools, and alignment of business and IT strategy. Achieving the Migration Competency Partner Status differentiates ARHS Spikeseed as an AWS Partner with deep domain...

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  • Marzena Swietanowska

    Arηs Spikeseed becomes “AWS Premier Partner”!

    We are thrilled to announce that Arηs Spikeseed has become “AWS Premier Partner”! It is the highest level of partnership at Amazon Web Services (AWS). Out of over 100K AWS...

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