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Our latest publications related to serverless

  • Strahil Hristov

    Leveraging lambda@edge for dynamic website routing based on cookies

    In this post, we’ll explore Lambda@Edge, an innovative service that places “intelligent friends” at strategic points across the globe, delivering dynamic content with speed and precision.

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  • Pierre Renard

    Accelerate your Lambda functions with SnapStart

    The cloud is a wonderful enabler to quickly create deploy and run a new application. In the early age, the cloud was only provided hosting services and then quickly provides...

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  • Yohan Beschi

    AWS Lambda and Java

    AWS Lambda is a cornerstone service. For AWS CloudFormation Custom Resources, CRON Tasks with AWS CloudWatch Events, Notifications Handlers, Serverless Applications and more, AWS Lambda is a particularly handy tool....

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  • Yohan Beschi

    Going serverless with AWS

    Serverless has been a trending topic for the past 6 years. S3 has been recently elected the greatest cloud service of all time and Lambdas got the 2nd place. On...

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  • Yohan Beschi

    Serverless Architectures - The answer to everything?

    With Serverless infrastructures, after Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS), we’ve entered in the Function as a Service (FaaS) era....

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