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Marzena Swietanowska
Marketing Officer

Arηs Spikeseed becomes “AWS Premier Partner”!

Arηs Spikeseed becomes “AWS Premier Partner”!

We are thrilled to announce that Arηs Spikeseed has become “AWS Premier Partner”! It is the highest level of partnership at Amazon Web Services (AWS). Out of over 100K AWS partners globally, only 2-3% holds this title, and we’re proud to join this elite group as the only Luxembourg-native member!

AWS confirms:

  • “Partners that have earned AWS Services Path Premier Tier are world-class members of the AWS Partner Network that demonstrate extensive technical expertise with multiple AWS-validated solutions, scale to consistently deliver successful outcomes to a large number of AWS Customers, and are recognized as leaders in their respective geographical, vertical, or horizontal market/s.
  • Top Achieving. Partners with Services Path Premier Tier have the deepest technical expertise and collaborate closely with the AWS sales team to deliver consistent and proven customer success. We expect less than 5% of AWS Partners in the Services Path with a tier designation to achieve Premier.
  • Sustained Performance. Partners with Services Path Premier Tier have a strong and consistent track record of success and we are confident in their ability to sustain that level of performance. Partners are not promoted to Premier based only on future potential.”

It’s a great honour and motivation for Arηs Spikeseed to deliver even better client experience and the world-class expertise in AWS services to our customers.

Now it’s your turn!

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